Lost and confused? It might help to know that this current chapter follows directly on from the end of Chapter Six. You could start from p. 178 and read the next few pages (til the end of Chapter Six) and then jump to the beginning of the current scene to get the flow, or of you need more of a catch-up you might wish to re-read Carl’s story, which begins on p. 161.

(And a Tip of the Hat goes out to reader HardWearJunkie for reminding me that some readers may be in need of story guidance!)

Actually, while I’m doing Galaxion plot handy-hints for the page-a-week impaired (a constant struggle with which I sympathize), I could also point an early page from Chapter One in which the Myradi are mentioned in passing. It just might have some connection to why Scavina is uncertain about them here. ;-)