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Galaxion is the name of a scientific survey starship owned and operated by the Terran Space Association, and captained by Fusella Mierter . As the story begins, TerSA has made a deal with rival organization Interplanetary Patrol, giving the Galaxion over to General Scavina Nelson to test the new Nelson Drive engine (named after Scavina’s husband, who invented it and disappeared during the first test). While Fusella’s crew retain their positions, Scavina has assumed command of the Galaxion for the duration of the test flight.

Scavina has brought a team along with her to install, operate and monitor the new engines. Her team includes the charming Darvin Deloren (executive officer) and the geeky Zandarin Wilder (scientific advisor), old friends of Fusella’s. The story is told from the point of view of Aria Schafer, a member of Galaxion’s Survey Contact team. She meets Darvin and Zandarin on an unauthorized reconnaissance of the Galaxion (while it is in drydock being refitted with the new engines) with Fusella.

All preparations done, the moment arrives to finally test the new engines. Although Aria experiences a momentary disorientation, most of the crew don’t notice anything. In fact, after the “jump” it is not clear that anything has happened at all. Observations place them still well within the solar system. The only clue that anything has occurred is that the man-made landmarks (like Mars’ Horus Station) are gone.

Fusella takes a walk about the ship with Aria to talk with her staff, trying to determine if the test has failed and the experiment over (allowing her to legitimately regain control of the ship) or if it is still in progress.With Aria in tow, Fusella tours the ship.They start by visiting Chief Engineer Anna Ito, who believes the evidence of the engines, which indicates they moved, more than the scanner evidence from other departments. Next, they drop by the science labs. The scientists also believe that something has definitely happened. Fusella is forced to reluctantly conclude that the experiment is still in progress and General Nelson is still in command.

Scavina heads the ship back to “Earth”. Aria and the other members of the Survey Contact team (Vessa Khavis and Patty Kusene) prepare for a survey mission unlike any they have been on before. At this point, they find out that Zandarin has been assigned to the team.

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