April Fool’s Day 2014
GALAXION: The Next Generation

 April Fool’s Day 2012

 April Fool’s Day 2011
And Then This Happened…” April Fool’s Day also happens to be Darvin’s birthday.

 Halloween 2009
A Ghost Story.

 Fusella’s Valentines Day 2009
That Special Day… not Valentine’s Day, not Singles Awareness Day, no, the important thing here is whose birthday it is.

 December 2008 Holiday Strips
There are three strips here, which originally ran December 16, 23, and 30, 2008.

 A Galaxion Halloween 2008

 A Galaxion Christmas 2007
Happy Holidays, everyone! This is a little scene from Darvin and Zandarin’s younger days. They’ve been friends a long time! That’s Zan’s sister, Cali (short for Callista), hanging around with them. Did I trick you into thinking it was Fusella? ;-) Darvin and Zandarin weren’t neighbours or anything, but during his teen years Darvin would spend summers and the occasional Christmas holiday with Zandarin’s family. Here Darvin is 15, Zan 12, and Cali is 9.Click the thumbnail or the title above to see the final black and white sketch. I also made an attempt to colour this in Photoshop, and you can see the results here.

 A Galaxion Christmas 2006
And the moral of the story is: never ask fictional people what they want for Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah, everybody! To all the fine black and white comics out there, please accept my lavish apologies. And a tip of the Santa hat to Compass! For extra credit, who can name the character on the far right?