Helikon Comics’ original flip book, these minicomics had Galaxion on one side, and my cousin Franz de Leon’s story Vagabond on the other. The official publication schedule was quarterly, but our real driving motivation was to have a new one ready for whatever convention happened around the right time. For example, the first issue made its debut at the ’93 Chicago Comicon. And that was the Best. Convention. Ever.

Salmagundi #1 (July 1993)

Salmagundi #2 (October 1993)

Salmagundi #3 (January 1994)

Salmagundi #4 (May 1994)

Salmagundi #5 (July 1994)

Salmagundi #6 (October 1994)

Salmagundi #7 (March 1995)

The (full-size) print edition

Galaxion #1 (May 1997)

Galaxion #2 (July 1997)

Galaxion #3 (September 1997)

Galaxion #4 (November 1997)

Galaxion #5 (January 1998)

Galaxion #6 (March 1998)

Galaxion #7 (September 1998)

Galaxion #8 (November 1998)

Galaxion #9 (January 1999)

Galaxion #10 (March 1999)

Galaxion #11 (November 1999)


Prologue in Thieves and Kings #16 (April 1997)
The prologue was designed to be out in the same month Galaxion #1 was in Diamond’s Previews catalogue, to help boost the orders. Many thanks to Mark Oakley for making this happen.

Special #1 (May 1998)
The Special was a short issue that I sold for 99 cents, and turned out to be an excellent idea, as a way for readers who didn’t want to start in the middle of the story (issue #6 was on the racks at the time) an opportunity to try it out for cheap. The Special and the Flip Book (below) were my somewhat cheesy attempts to cash in on the consumer desire to pick up anything with a “#1″ on it. Like every other small press book, my orders dropped a little with each consecutive issue.

Flip Book #1 (July 1999)
The Flip Book also featured a short story, and on the other side was an Amy Unbounded story by Rachel Hartman. I was, and still am, a big Rachel Hartman fan, and I was thrilled to have the chance to publish the first “full-size” Amy story.

The Graphic Novel Volume One (November, 1998)
The Graphic Novel collects issues #1-6, plus the Prologue. It also has a Gallery of embarrassingly bad old Galaxion art from my grade school years. There was never a Volume Two, alas.

Mythography #7 (February 1998)
This, and the next, are the only non-Galaxion comic stories I ever drew. “Real Magic” in Mythography #7 was a short story written by my then-fiancé, David Tallan.

Spenco #1 (1996)
The Spenco comic was my one big paid effort, and was a surprisingly fun little comic designed to help sell Spenco insoles. I was given a pretty free hand to do what I wanted with it, so of course I pitched it as a sci-fi adventure. As far as I know these were only handed around to store managers who stocked the insoles, so the chances of you finding one in a bin somewhere are slim to none.

For the completist
I also printed up ashcan versions of the first three Galaxion issues:
#1 (September 1995), #2 (May 1996), #3 (September 1996),
as well as a two-volume “omnibus” edition of the early version of the story called Galaxion: The Salmagundi Years (publication date lost to the ages. Probably sometime in early 1999?).