Fan Art
Here’s where you can see Galaxion art done by people other than me. Some are by other comic artists. Some aren’t – just fans of the comic.

 SCT uniform
What the Survey Contact Team uniforms look like in colour– contrary to popular belief, they are not actually black!

 Cast Lineup
A lineup of most of the major characters that shows you exactly who is taller than whom.

 Holiday Sketches
These are sketches that I’ve done for posting on or around a holiday. They’re a way to say “Happy Holidays” to the readers.

 Character Retrospectives
To celebrate 15 years of Galaxion published history (and 25 years since the beginning of Galaxion), I’m marking the birthdays of some of the major characters with retrospectives, taking you on a tour through the evolution of the character from their first beginnings to the present.

 Convention Sketches
If you see me at a convention table, chances are I’ll have a sketchbook with me. These are some examples of what I produce there.

GALAXION Illumination
circa 1991, ink and gouache. This is my crazy attempt at imagining what a portion of the Galaxion novel would’ve looked like had it been illuminated in the style of the famous 15th century manuscript Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc du Berry (sample page). In the original, the yellow areas are gold-leaf style paint. The text is an earlier version of a scene similar to this one. If you are wondering why some of the words seem to be cut in half so awkwardly, that’s because that was how the monks used to do it!

 Wayward Tour Road Map
Back in 1999, Mark Oakley (Thieves and Kings), Stephen Geigen-Miller (Xeno’s Arrow), Greg Beettam (also Xeno’s Arrow), and I went on a five-city tour promoting our comics. We called ourselves the Wayward Tour, and we produced this fine map as a souvenir for all who came out. I actually did very little of the work– only the few small sketches of Aria scattered about. Greg was the one who put all the effort into drawing the map itself and coming up with the cool finishing touches. But I love this so much I had to share it with you all! It was too big to post to the fan art section on GirlAMatic, so it ended up here.Xeno’s Arrow is currently appearing at Modern Tales.
Thieves & Kings can be found at Ibox Publishing.
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