Galaxion Volume 3-- order now!

The Indiegogo campaign for Galaxion: Volume 3 has launched!

To all of you who have been looking forward to Volume 3 in print, now’s your chance to help us out by contributing to the campaign. There are lots of fun incentives available: getting your name printed in the book’s Thank You page, original art, and– my favourite– a chance to become immortalized as a member of the Galaxion crew!

You can help us out even more by spreading the word. Over here at Galaxion HQ it’s just the two of us, and we’re both pretty quiet and reserved by nature. Crowdfunding, however, is most definitely an extrovert’s game! So if you are the blogging or Tweeting or Facebooking type, you could give us a big boost by letting others know that Galaxion is a fun comic, and that they can get a great deal on all three books through the campaign.

Oh, and meanwhile, here’s a new page for you, too. :-)