UPDATE 1 January 2013:

I’m really sorry to have to bow out of my promise to begin Chapter Ten today, but some sad events have kept me here in the States. My family and I made a special trip to spend the holidays with my parents, because my mom was very ill. We were able to spend some time with her before she passed away on December 28th. The suddenness of her passing took us all by surprise, and as a result we have extended our stay. As deeply saddened as I am, I cannot help but be grateful we happened to be here to help my dad through these difficult times.

For Galaxion, the New Year will begin on Tuesday, January 15th. I hope you will all join me then for the next update and the beginning of Chapter Ten at last!


Wow! I can hardly believe we’ve reached the end of Chapter Nine at last! The next update will bring not only the start of a new chapter, but the start of a new book and the start of a whole new section of plot that– unlike the story up til now– has never before seen publication in any form. Very exciting!

Since we’re embarking on a brand new journey, it only makes sense to me– since we’re already halfway through December– to time the launch for the beginning of the new year. What does that mean for you, gentle reader? It means the next two weeks will be a holiday break (wherein I continue to work behind-the-scenes), and regular updates will resume Tuesday, January 1st, all happy and shiny for 2013.

So please enjoy your holidays, and thank you very much for reading. We’ll see each other again soon!