And here we go with the new chapter! If you were hoping to find out what’s happening with Patty or what they’re all doing up on the ship… sorry. You’re going to have to wait awhile. But the good news is, in this chapter you get to find out a whole lot more about the Miesti!

If I said, “Hah, I’ll bet right now Aria wishes it was all just a dream!”, I expect a small percentage of you would laugh, and the majority of you would have no idea why that’s even remotely funny. If you fall into the latter category, you failed to remember that strange things tend to happen around here on April 1st. I’m sure you’ll do better next year! But don’t be too sad– here’s what you missed.

Also… in regards to the some of the comments over the past few weeks. See that little red button over on the right sidebar? The one that says “Support the Comic”? I hereby declare that to be the Pun Jar! Next time you find the urge to make some awful pun is just hopelessly irresistible, you can make amends by dropping in some small change. I think that’s a fair punishment, don’t you? Uh… *clink*.

If you’re in the Toronto area and enjoy your sci-fi, fantasy, and horror literature, be sure to come to Ad Astra, April 13-15! I’ll be there with– hooray!– a new Tiny Galaxion Story.

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