In case you don’t remember who these people are, that’s OK! It’s been a while since Anna and Ewan last appeared. (Actually, this is technically the last time Ewan showed up.) Didja miss ‘em? :-)

Man, I knew the Name Con and Meg Contest would be loads of fun! I am loving the entries so far. Contest closes midnight December 7th, so get your entries in!

And while I’m about it, I wanted to call your attention to another awesome contest running right now. Well, not exactly a a contest, but there is some amazing loot to be had, if you’re a sci-fi and fantasy book nut. For the third year running, Patrick Rothfuss– author of the so-good-I’ve-reread-this-a-bunch-of-times-already book The Name of the Wind–is running a really great fundraiser for Heifer International. It’s called Worldbuilders. It works like this: for every $10 you donate to Heifer, Worldbuilders will match 50% of your donation and enter your name into a lottery to win some great books. There are lots of books– mainly fantasy/sci-fi novels– that have been donated to the lottery, many of them signed by the author. There are also some truly special items– like a chance to have professional editors read and critique the opening chapters of your novel– which you can bid on. And then there are some items you can straight-out buy, and the money will go to the charity. Really, this is an incredible thing. Go have a look, and help make the world a better place. :-)

Can you believe another month has vanished already? Well, look on the bright side, it means there’ll be a First Friday of the Month Bonus Update. Please visit us again on Friday, Dec 3rd for the next page.