It’s some kind of weird tradition for the inhabitants of the Galaxion’s science lab. They all have these peculiar nicknames! We learned a while ago that “Mal” is actually short for “Malodorous”, although we have yet to learn why. It stands to reason that “Meg” and “Con” must be short for something, too.

What kind of crazy nicknames can “Meg” and “Con” possibly be short for? I want you to tell me! There are so many… interesting possibilities. Heh. Post your ideas here or email them to me at tara ~at sign~ galaxioncomics ~dot~com. I’ll pick the one I like best, and the winner (or winners) will receive a fancy-pants 2-inch pin-back button!

So far I’ve only been selling these at conventions, so they’re somewhat hard to come by. (But if you happen to be one of the few who have this design already, I can substitute another.) I know, not a great big prize, but eh, this is just for fun anyway. :-)

Keep in mind, it’s just the names I’m looking for. You can supply a whole backstory about how these characters landed themselves with the nicknames if you like, and if I laugh hard enough it may even swing my vote your way, but I don’t promise to cannonize it! I will, however, use the winning names in the comic whenever it becomes appropriate (not that I have any idea when that might be…).

Get your entries in by midnight December 7th. I’ll announce the winner(s) December 14th. Good luck!