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First off, many thanks to those who came by on Valentine’s Day to wish Fusella a Happy Birthday! She was in my thoughts, but alas, my available time did not permit any artistic celebrations. Poor Fusella. But in honour of her special day I can link to her Retrospective I posted a couple years ago. Some of you newer readers may not yet have discovered it, since it’s hidden away in the Extras page.

Also, I have a new book to add to the list of reader-recommended books! I just finished Jasper Fforde’s latest novel, Shades of Grey. I was a big fan of his Thursday Next series (go read The Eyre Affair if you don’t know what I mean!), so I was really looking forward to this one. For me, it felt a lot like reading a good mystery book; but instead of  the standard mystery in which you try to puzzle out who committed the murder, you get to collect the clues to figure out what the peculiar Chromatic world Fforde has created is all about. I was hooked from page one. Awesome!