For those of you who recognized the Hiawatha’s bridge, the design of her engine room will come as no surprise. :-)

I actually liked this page better without all the tone, but I needed to keep up the “we’re in the dark here” (and also still on a slight incline) motif I’ve got going! But if you’d like to compare, here is the plain black-and-white page.

I’m not sure if anyone will remember (and to be honest it’s no big deal if you don’t), but way back in A Matter of Principle, the very first story I wrote for the Galaxion webcomic (and the first pages I drew after that long break from comics I took between 2000-2006), we learned that Vessa also has a talent for fixing things. I don’t know that Zan is necessarily aware of this, but he is aware that Vessa isn’t the sort of person you want to annoy if you can help it! Poor Zan’s still trying to find his footing in his new place on the Survey Contact Team.