This page should help with the question of whether or not they have some sort of FTL drive! :-)

Speaking of science fiction, have we all read Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie? I know it swept all the major genre awards, but this novel only came to my attention about a month ago. And now I understand why it won all the awards! It’s one of those stories you want everyone else to read too, just so you have someone you can have a deep discussion with about it. I picked it up with nothing more than a solid recommendation, and having read neither reviews or even the back cover blurb, I plunged in. This is my favourite way to read books, but I suspect this approach might be why it took me longer than usual to wrap my poor brain around what was going on. No lie, some of the ideas presented are quite challenging to imagine, not least of which is the main character. But wow, what a great book. I’ve read the sequel now as well, and I anxiously await the third coming later this year. If you’re looking for an amazing summer read, here you go!