So, you know that probable house-related turbulence I predicted a couple of weeks ago? Well, it turns out that I was really, really correct!

My apologies about totally missing last week. And, uh, basically this week as well. My dad arrived with a giant truckload of his things (and let me tell you, getting that through Canada customs was more tense than I’d been prepared for), and I’ve spent the past week helping him sort through and settle in. We will be a looooong time sorting. The list of Very Important Things To Do seems endless. But on the bright side, we are all enjoying getting to know the new house. :-)

I’m going to continue to try to make time for drawing, but I work best on a routine, and clawing out any kind of routine right now is difficult. I can probably get the colouring finished on this page (p. 365) by next Tuesday, but I’m not sure what will happen after that. Do I aim for an update every other week? That seems cruelly slow, but maybe that’s at least a goal I can achieve…?

Well, stay tuned!