It’s embarrassing to say how many times I have to go back and fix Vanguarthe every time I draw him, because I constantly forget or mess up the details. What’s really sad is I could solve this problem so easily simply by making a character reference sheet and posting it on my wall near by drawing table, as I have done for the core characters (otherwise you’d see their hair parts constantly flipping sides and other little annoyances).  I recently spent several hours going back through Chapter Eight and correcting all the Vanguarthe continuity errors for the upcoming graphic novel. Which I hope to have some news about soon.

Galaxion reader Elena shared with me some very cute plushies that she happened to notice on Deviant Art, and I wanted to share them with everyone else. Do they remind you of anyone? If you start hearing strange noises in your head telling you to go on Twitter and tell everyone how great Galaxion is, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Thanks, Elena! :-)

And finally, did the rest of the world (or was it just Canadians?) get as excited as I did about Chris Hadfield and the Barenaked Ladies writing and recording a song together? While Chris Hadfield was (still is) on the International Space Station? I studied his career somewhat for the Roberta’s Space Adventure book I did for Scholastic (the book was mostly about Roberta Bondar, but I learned about him as well, and I even got to draw him, as you can see if you follow the link), and I know how insanely accomplished the man was even before he was selected for Canada’s  astronaut team. All that, and now I learn he can sing and play guitar as well? Good heavens. Between this and all his gorgeous Tweetpics from space and speaking with Captain Kirk himself, he’s making astronauts cool and exciting again.