Yes, yes, I know. Just when things were getting interesting with Vessa and Patty, it’s time to switch away. So typical! If you’d like a quick reminder of what Scavina has been up to, her plot thread started on p. 225. And if “Rautani” leaves you scratching your heads, try back here in Chapter Six and reading on a couple of pages.

However… Miesti! *dramatic music sting*

Speaking of multiple weaving plotlines, I picked up Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings last week. I requested it from my local library, and it finally arrived. I had no idea what a brick of book that is! 1000 pages. Although I’ve read my fair share of epic fantasies in my time, it’s been a while since I tackled one so big. I groaned in despair when I saw it, wondering if I could possibly finish it before my three week library time limit was up.

In the first fifty pages, I grumbled about how often the author changed tack to new characters and new plot threads. Not to mention jumps in time! I had a hard time keeping track. But pretty shortly I discovered that I was thoroughly hooked and thanks to an understanding husband and a quiet rainy weekend I plowed through the book in three days. Good grief!

You see, my friends had been squee-ing about Sanderson’s newest novel, one I had assumed was a sequel to this book (which I’d known had been out for some time). That’s why I borrowed The Way of Kings from the library in the first place. As it turns out, though… it’s not. There is no second book yet. Argh.

Meanwhile, my husband is finally tackling the set of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time books we’ve had on our shelf for some time. Myself, I have not read them. Why? Well, Robert Jordan first came to my attention when I was working at Bakka, Toronto’s sci-fi bookstore, and I couldn’t count the number of people who came in or just called up, desperate for news of the next book in the series. I think this was around the time of the 4th book. They were all so distraught! And the news that we got from the publisher– and from Jordan himself, who came for a signing at one point– was the series was not going to end anytime soon. I then promised myself that despite how much everyone told me how much they loved his books, I wouldn’t read them until the series was finished. That was 1993. And it’s still not finished!!

Jordan passed away a few years ago, and Brandon Sanderson took on the challenge of finishing the series. Which means he’s currently in the middle of writing three different epic fantasy series. No wonder the sequel to The Way of Kings isn’t out yet. How can one man hold all that worldbuilding in his head??

Next up on my reading pile is Jasper Fforde’s The Last Dragonslayer. Coincidentally, he’s also got another series going that I’m hoping he’ll get around to soon.

(Whoa. Didn’t intend to go on for so long about books. Well, you know how it is. ;-) Over to you, now– what have you all been reading?)