I am back from the Baltimore Comic Con, and it was a real treat to see folks again I haven’t seen in many years (since last time I went to SPX, probably!), as well as meet many new folks for the first time. For more on this trip, and to see what the surprise was that I’d mentioned a couple weeks back, see the blog post below.

It’s September, the kids are back to school as of today, and before too long I will be able to settle back into a comfortable routine after the week-by-week craziness that is summer. I have discovered that I am most definitely a creature of habit– I like my routines! With the kids starting a new school year and me getting back to a nice set schedule, this feels more to me like the start of a new year than January 1st does. And as it happens,  the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, is this week, so in fact it’s the actual start of a new year for some. Happy New Year to all who are celebrating!