Don’t forget, this weekend I’ll be at the Baltimore Comic Con! I’ll be in Artist Alley at table #A208. They haven’t posted a map yet, but I’m sure you’ll be able to spot me. Just look for the Aria banner. :-)

NOTE: I just realized I’m listed as a guest at the FanExpo this year on their website, despite not actually signing up for it. Normally I do attend this show, and I certainly will next year, but this year Baltimore conflicts with it. So I will not be at FanExpo, but if you are in the Toronto area– and unable to come to Baltimore :-) — I hope you’ll have a chance to go and partake of its many wonders.

Also, on a recommendation from Lady Yates of the lovely webcomic Earthsong (who will be at the aforementioned FanExpo, so go buy her stuff!) I now have a new button machine. I LOVE IT, it is a joy to use! Expect many more buttons for sale in the future. :-D