Wow, ten panels on one page! That’s rare for me– I usually average around 5 or 6, I guess? But to be honest (this being the time of year when we are all more prone to honesty and other positive traits), the main reason this page is so compressed is I almost blew it– I’d already drawn about half of it before I remembered that I’d made some changes to a later part of the script that weren’t reflected on the part of the script I was working from. I had to dash out some quick-and-dirty editing to make it all fit right. I think– I hope– it works. (See, now, if you were just reading the graphic novel you probably wouldn’t even have noticed a thing. That’s the kind of behind-the-scenes information you’re only going to get in the webcomic! So there’s one reason to put up with this page-a-week stuff. :-) )

For those who might be wondering, I don’t think I’m going to get anything special posted on Christmas Day, as I have in past years, but instead I’ll get something ready for New Year’s Day, which will of course be the First Friday of the Month in addition to being the First Day of the Year. Next Tuesday will have a regular update as usual. In any case, I hope everyone who is celebrating at this time of year has a great holiday!