Well, everybody, at this point I’m afraid I have to announce another hiatus.


During my hiatus I’ll be posting pages from a Galaxion short story that appeared in print in 1998, in the Galaxion Flip Book (which also featured an Amy Unbounded story by GirlAMatic’s own Rachel Hartman)! So, this story will be new to some of you, and a rerun for the rest of you, for which I apologize. I’ve also got a pile of fanart, some new and some old, which I’ll be posting to the Fanart section from time to time, to help keep you entertained.

I’m sorrrreeeeee! My intention was to not take on any other comic jobs that would interfere with my ability to update Galaxion on time, but there are some gigs you just don’t turn down. This is one of them. The good news, though, is that the project is supposed to be all finished by September, so I have to work fast (fast for me, anyway) and I’ll be back with new pages in the fall.

The posting schedule for the short story will remain the same, every Tuesday plus the first Friday of the month. So keep coming back!