And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the winning entry in the Name the Hat contest is:

Dave Van Domelen’s entry: The Feuerkraft Mark I! *cheers, lots of clapping*

It was a tough choice, let me tell you, as the other entries each had their own winning charms. But after much debate, we decided that Dave’s suggestion had the combination of cool name and weird function that would appeal to a guy like Zan. So, congratulations, Dave! I will inscribe Feuerkraft onto the original page and send it off to you (after I get a good scan of it, of course!).

I want to share the other entries with you all, but I’d like to do a little something special for it. Gimme a week or two on that!

I forgot to mention this in last week’s post, so in case you missed it on Sunday, be sure to check out the latest Galaxion Retrospective!

Finally, this Friday is a bonus update day, so tune in for the next page and also an important announcement….