Sorry about all the scrolling!

See, at one point I thought it would be great fun to make a silly little holiday picture to post– you know, post in the old-fashioned way, like with tape– on the door to my bedroom, one for each month. August required me to get a little creative. ;-) I managed to keep this going for about a year and a quarter, before I got bored.

Hmm… posting holiday pictures… hey, that’s just like webcomics! Except the only people who saw my posts were my family and the friends I liked enough to invite up to my room. (Just like webcomics! Haw, haw.)

Also, if you think of me as Canadian (which I am) and are confused by the American holiday, here’s what it is: I was born and raised in the States, in New Jersey. My dad is Canadian, so I was able to claim dual citizenship from birth. I attended the University of Toronto and more or less just stayed here after that.

One more to go!