Speaking of character we’ve since discarded, here are two more who used to be regulars on the Galaxion crew! Who would’ve thunk Galaxion could ever be labelled as Furry? Heh heh.

Cait was by some arguments the original Galaxion character. Even before Wendy and I started Galaxion, I had drawn up a whole crew of cat people who lived and worked on space ships of a sort that hovered somewhere between Star Trek and Buck Rogers. For some reason, I was just more comfortable drawing cats than humans, even though the only real difference was the head and the addition of a tail. It is also no coincidence that the cat-creature who appeared in Star Trek: The Animated series, M’ress, was of a race called the Caitians. Yes, I totally stole the name. It amused me that the name was “Cat” with the addition of an “i”. **Useless author trivia**: my ancient pet cat (18 yrs old!) is named “Cait”, as a tribute to that old character.

As for Aurelii, well, it made a kind of sense to me that the companion to the cat character should be a bird character. He could fly, but now that I think about it, being stuck on board a ship where he probably didn’t have enough space to fly must have been pretty depressing for him. Good thing we set him free, eh?

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