Galaxion is on hold for the summer! In its place we present “Real Magic,” drawn by me and written by my husband, David Tallan. Read it from the beginning! This story will run for six weeks, every Tuesday as usual. If you’d like to read some of the regular Galaxion story, you can start at the beginning, or why not try one of the completed short stories? Look for new pages of Galaxion to return September 1st!

I’m sure the, er, strange distortion in the second panel is the result of the spell Thomas is casting. Yeaaaah. That’s the ticket.

Do any of you gentle readers out there happen to be web designers? I am looking for someone to help me upgrade my current site into something… prettier. Unfortunately neither David nor I have the skills to make this happen, so I’m throwing out a help wanted ad! Note, though, that what I need is someone able to actually design a site, and not just implement some ideas that I’ve already got. ‘Cause I don’t really got any. If I knew what would look good, I’d have an easier time with all this! Well, I have a list of features I’d like to have, I guess. So, I’m looking for someone with ideas for what would be both appropriate and complementary to the Galaxion comic. There will be compensation for this job– either a flat fee, original art (is there a comic page you fancy?), or some combination of the two. Interested? Drop me an email!

David here again: There’s not so much to say about this page. For his first attempt at spellcasting, Thomas used herb magic. For his second, he is using candle magic. If you look closely at the fourth panel you will see the spell is having some effect. So did the first spell. However, as they are attempting to counter spells that aren’t present, the effect is fairly subtle. (Okay, not apparent to anyone but me.) In the last panel, we can see Enki returning from his errand. Remember him?