Galaxion has been on hold for the summer, and in its place we’ve been running Real Magic, drawn by me and written by my husband, David Tallan. This is the final installment– I hope you’ve enjoyed our little story! If you want to, you can start with the first page.

I know I promised Galaxion would return to normal starting Sept 1st, but as it turns out I’m going to need one more week off to get back to– I hope– normal. But fear not, I’ve still got some fun Galaxion content for you for next Tuesday!  It will be, in fact, the only full-colour Galaxion page I’ve ever done. How cool is that?

Also, one final reminder for those of you in and around the Toronto area this weekend– I will be at FanExpo, which runs Aug 28-30 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. You can find me in the Small Press Alley!

David here: This brings us to the end of my story, the only comic writing I’ve done (so far). I hope you enjoyed it. As you can see, Eddie was right on the mark. When I wrote it, I left the door open for further Thomas and Gavin stories, which may emerge at some future date. Also, well into the future when Galaxion is over and done with, we’ve talked about collaborating on Robin Hood. I think that if you go back to the roots of the Robin Hood story (the laws stripping away access to a common resource that was important and taken for granted by everyday folk, ordinary people fighting back against representatives of powerful institutions that were keeping them down) there are themes that may resonate with people today. All mixed, of course, with a certain amount of comedy. Ever since I read T.H. White’s Once and Future King, I’ve dreamed of doing for Robin Hood what he did for Arthur (I don’t set my sights high, not me!). I’ve got a lot of time to prepare, so I’m immersing myself in the literature. Maybe you’ll see that some day.