Photo of original art for pages 357 and 363
$65 (shipping included) within Canada, and the continental US, $75 overseas

Each page is drawn and inked in black and white on bristol board. The board (OK, it’s paper) is 11″x17″, and the artwork itself is 9″x14″. (Actually, some of the earlier pages, like from Chapters 1 and 2, are a bit bigger.)

I aim to make the inked page as finished as possible, but I do make some mistakes. There will be differences, usually minor, between the original art and the finished page you see online. Not including the grey tones or colour, of course, which is all done digitally. I will be happy to send you a photo of the page you are considering for you to examine.

There is a great selection of pages currently available, but some have previously been sold, so please inquire about the specific page you are interested in.

Important! If you would like your art to be signed and personalized, please add this information (“To ____”) in the Instructions to Merchant box you’ll see during the PayPal checkout process.

Canada and the continental US: