As some of you are already aware, February 14th just happens to be Captain Fusella Mierter’s birthday. How can I let a Valentine’s Day go by– especially one that falls right on a Tuesday, Galaxion’s traditional Update Day– go uncelebrated? Plus, we’ve seen so little of Fusella these past months. She deserves a little something special on her birthday, and what’s more appropriate than to make her royalty for the day: Fusella, Queen of Hearts!

And you can be a part of the birthday celebrations, too! Fusella normally lives in, shall we say, a rather black-and-white world, but a little colour would really brighten her day. Why not help her out? You can download a PDF (2.2MB) or TIFF (1.2MB) file (whichever is easiest for you to use) of this image and colour it however you like. (The file images are bigger than shown, 8.5″ x 11″.) Use a colouring program, use your new iPad app, print it out and use crayons, whatever you enjoy most!

Just for fun, If you send me your version of Fusella, Queen of Hearts in colour, I’ll mail you– that’s actual mail through Canada Post, folks– a postcard that has my coloured FQH printed on it. Perfect for hanging on your fridge. Keep in mind this isn’t a contest– everybody who contributes gets a postcard as a thank you! I won’t be posting my colour art anywhere online, so this will be your only chance to see it.

You can send me (email link on the sidebar) the jpg file of your coloured piece, take a photo and send me that, or snail mail it if you wish (contact me for the address). I’m very flexible! If you’re OK with it, I’ll be pleased to post submissions to a gallery on this site. [Edit: The Gallery is now up!] Obviously I’ll need your snail mail address to send you the card. (I promise I am not collecting addressing for any other purpose than these postcards.) Comes complete with a gen-u-ine Canadian stamp! Or possibly two, if you’re overseas. :-)

I’ll keep this offer open until the end of March (but feel free to ask for more time if necessary, because hey, this is just for fun). Happy colouring!