Good heavens, has it been five years already? I started posting the Galaxion webcomic on on the Tuesday after Labour Day, 2006. So yeah, I guess it has. Speaking of Girlamatic, I originally made the above image for Girlamatic’s 5 year anniversary in 2008. It didn’t get transferred over here when I started up, so a fair number of you may never have seen it. I think it works reasonably well for this occasion.

I’m somewhat amazed that in five years I still haven’t quite caught up to where I left off in the older version. I’m nearly there, though, and I’m happy with where this version has taken me. Webcomics is a very different game from publishing floppy comic books and I feel that I’m still struggling to get the hang of it. The accepted wisdom is that comics that do well on the web are newspaper-strip style humour comics, and that they need to post new strips 3 or more times a week to hold an audience. Galaxion doesn’t fit any of those parameters, and it’s in black and white to boot. I guess I’ve never had a great deal of interest in appealing to the masses. ;-)

And yet, slow and steady, Galaxion readership does seem to be growing. So I guess I’m doing something right. To my own astonishment, I have readers who’ve been following the story since the mini-comic beginning in 1993! I talked to some of them at FanExpo a couple weekends ago. To answer some of the frequently-asked questions I get at such conventions: yes, there is an ending, yes, I know what it is, and no, I will never restart the comic ever again. (Unless there is a great deal of money involved, I suppose. Heh.)

(The right-side image comes from an unfinished upcoming page, since other than this the last appearance Aria made was almost a year ago.) I can only imagine where I’ll be in another five years, but the prospect is exciting. I humbly thank all of you, whether you found this comic recently or if you’ve been around a bit longer. Thanks for coming. Cake and cookies are being served in the lounge.