It’s time to post a few more of my favourite sketches from the Book 3 campaign! I took all these photos with my iPhone camera under various lighting conditions, which is why, for black and white art, they vary so much in colour. As you may recall, I offered to let the characters answer whatever question the campaign supporters might wish. This one below wasn’t so much of a question, but a desire to see several characters together:

Was Chapter 9 such a bad time, Zan?

I guess if I was Zan and was reading Chapter Nine, I might be a little concerned, too.

Mal has many opinions.

Mal was a popular choice. Would you want to work on a spaceship of which he was in command?

Alex has the same pose as Mal.

For the above, I was asked to draw a sketch the least-asked character, and have him answer what his favourite holiday would be. There were, I suppose, many supporting-cast characters I might have chosen, but I decided our dear grumpy Alex needed a little lovin’.

I’m starting to wonder if some readers are hoping I’m going to move the romantic plot along soon, since I received a few questions along these lines. Such as this one, directed to Fusella:

Fusella and Darvin? Maybe not.

And this one, to Darvin:

Now there's a subtle hint.

And finally, Zan was asked what flower he might offer to Aria to cheer her up. Aww, how sweet.

Broccoli, yes, what a cheerful thought.

Well done, Zan.