Like many literary sci-fi and fantasy shows, Ad Astra is all about having a good time with your fellow attendees. The lack of the crushing crowds that can happen at shows like, say, Fan Expo means that I can actually enjoy some pleasant conversation with my fellow creators and sci-fi fans. However, because I go to these shows to sell my books I didn’t get to see much more of Ad Astra than the Dealer’s Room! Which looked a bit like this:


The red tablecloth of my table is just barely visible in the lower left. If you look carefully you can see a Mal cosplayer (no, not that Mal, the other Mal) also on the left side of the photo. My table, however, looked like this:


Hm, apparently I’m not at my table. Where did I run off to?


The Doctor failed to show up and give me a key, however. I guess my adventures through time and space will have to wait. Possibly until Fan Expo. That place is crawling with Doctors; surely one of them will give me a lift!

One last picture I want to share for the Doctor Who fans in the audience. I spotting the following just as I was leaving. I don’t know if it’s clear from the photo, but it was obviously made from one of those peculiar little wooden butlers holding a tray. I have no information about who made it, but if you had this at your house your parties would be guaranteed to be awesome:


… at least until it’s eyes turn red and it tries to kill all your guests. Erm.