So, what do you think of the new site? Pretty awesome, yes? Fancy background, dropdown menus, gravitars in the comments section, and more stuff to come. I’m still getting used to it all myself!

Since we had to update our extremely-out-of-date WordPress before we could get our lovely fresh coat of paint, we hired Phil Hofer, also known as Frumph, to help us with this daunting task. Phil, a ComicPress developer, is well known in the webcomic community for his friendly willingness to lend a hand to webcomickers struggling to fix their sites, and for helping dolts like me slowly begin to understand the mysteries of CSS. Shoving all our square-peg files into the round-hole of the new system was a much more complicated task than I even imagined, and I doff my hat respectfully to Phil for making it happen. I know the footer down at the bottom says this site was designed by me and “implemented” by Phil, but seriously, he had all the ideas and I just drew some stuff in Photoshop to fit his suggestions. If you need your website redesigned or are having problems with your WordPress/ComicPress, I heartily recommend hiring Phil.

And we will be continuing to tweak and fine-tune the site over the next few weeks, getting it all into shape. If you see any glitches or broken links as you peruse things, please let us know!