Whoa, it’s an update!

Well folks, mostly I’m posting this as an apology to you all (and because I had the page ready to go). Sorry for just dropping off the face of the Earth, but I’ve been needing to step away from posting pages for a while now, and instead of acknowledging that and doing it gracefully, I just let it get to the point where I had to suddenly drop it and walk away. Honestly, I’m not ready to start up a schedule again yet, either. But I wanted to say thank you to the concerned readers! I’m OK, my family is OK, I just need to do something else for a while. Since Galaxion has always been a labour of love rather than a big source of income, I would rather enjoy the process than feel beholden to a schedule.

I know, as a reader, that sucks to hear. But here are some words of consolation: first, you can be confident that I will continue Galaxion. I’m still writing and editing it even now. Believe me, I’ve been writing and drawing this story for decades, I won’t leave it after all this time, I want to get to the end. I’m just not sure yet what form releasing new content will take. Second, I cross my heart I WILL NOT START OVER FROM THE BEGINNING. I learned my lesson last time, believe me!

But most importantly, thank you so much for caring about me. :)