I know these bi-monthly updates seem slower than a snail race, but I’m actually finally building up a comfortable buffer (of inked pages, anyway– so far I only do the colouring when it’s next in the queue). Yay!

In art tools news, non-photo-blue pencil leads are now my new best friend. More specifically, Pilot Color Eno Neox– Soft Blue Pencil Leads are my new best art friend. Not having to erase the pencil lines saves so much time! I know, non-photo-blue is not a new thing, lots of artists I know have been swearing by it for years, but I’ve tried various blue pencils before. This is the first one I’ve come across that actually erases cleanly. For correcting the inevitably frequent mistakes, I mean, not for erasing all the lines anymore. Also, since I’m well out of the habit of regularly sharpening wooden pencils, having leads that I can use with a mechanical pencil is much more familiar and comfortable for me. Why didn’t I find this sooner?? Because I’m a sucker for pretty colours (and it was only a few dollars extra) I also bought the matching mechanical pencil, so I can always quickly identify the pencil with the blue lead in. Love it!