It’s the cat! You remember, that cat Patty feared would destroy all her hats (why does she leave them out, then?) and which led Fusella on a wild-cat-chase in Chapter Seven. Fun fact: back in the very early days of Galaxion, the shipboard pet belonged to Fusella, and it was a dog. I guess you could have a dog on a spaceship, although I’m unfortunately imagining the Jetsons’ dog Astro going for his walkies on that little treadmill. (You can see what I’m talking about toward the end of the cartoon series outro.)

You know what? The summer months seem to be an especially hard time for me to keep a grip on all that fiddly continuity stuff. It wouldn’t surprise me if I have errors on every page I’ve posted since end of June! Anyway, I know a bunch of new things that weren’t on Patty’s shelf on the last page magically appeared on this week’s page. I’ve already fixed that, although the corrected version will be appearing in print, not online. Of course, if you see any more instances of “magic!” Please let me know. :-)

In other news, our printer for Book 3 reports that they are experiencing some delays. Believe me, we were so very frustrated to hear this! But it’s looking as though we might be able to get a partial shipment in time for Fan Expo next week. Fan Expo is one of my biggest shows, so not having the new book in time for it was causing me lots of unhappy stress. Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers that it will all work out, and that we’ll be able to begin shipping to our Indiegogo supporters soon afterward.