Let the speculation fly about whose hand that might be. ;-)

If you’d like a reminder of the scene Aria is talking about, it can be found towards the end of Chapter Eight.

I had a great time at Can-Con! It was a much smaller show than those I usually attend, but that meant I got to have a pleasant chat with nearly everybody. And everyone was really friendly! I’m beginning to think I ought to find more of these literary science fiction shows– the types that feature author guests as well as artists– to attend in the upcoming year, because Galaxion seems to be a particularly good fit with the kind of fans who go to these shows. I’d love to hear about any shows that any of my readers may know about, or have enjoyed in the past. Dragon Con is already on my wish list, though I gather it’s more like the enormous comic cons I’m used to, rather than the small chummy one I just attended this past weekend. It typically falls a mere week after another enormous show in Toronto, though, so that makes it a bit more of a challenge!