Previously: The Miesti (the butterflies) “stung” Aria, injecting her with trenat, which was supposed to allow them to control her more effectively. (This was supposed to be in the hovertext, but I can’t seem to get it to work…)

This page– if all goes according to plan– will be part of a two-page spread in the print volume 3. I’ve never attempted this sort of thing before, so I’m sure I’ll find it will be one of those delightful learning experiences, and if I ever have reason to do this again I’ll be better at it. (But of course the website update is the easy part– the hard part will be when we get the images ready for the printer!) Anyway, the second half of it will go up next week, along with a link which you can use to see how both pages look together.

Oh, and I made sure to correct the spelling of “symbiont” on this week’s page, with a nod of thanks to my crack team of editors who do their work in the comments section. :-) I’m usually pretty careful about spelling, but this one was a big swing and a miss. Honestly? I’ve been spelling it “symbiant” for years and years. Yes, my software spellchecker has been telling me all this time it’s a misspelled word, but it also tells me “Miesti” isn’t properly spelled either. I just assumed I’d made up the word or something… how embarrassing!