In the labs, they take the long view. ;-)

So, it’s that time of year when we start planning next year’s convention trips. There are a few that are no-brainers, like TCAF and FanExpo (both local to me), but the tricky part is figuring out where we’re going to go beyond that. I’m not ready to go anywhere I would have to fly to (unless some kind organizer was willing to cover my travel expenses!), so sadly that pretty much cuts out all the nice shows on the west coast. I’m interested in going to the C2E2 show in Chicago, because I have such good memories from the Chicago Comicon (before Wizard took it over and ruined all the fun). It appears to be in March next year, which will make for possibly-interesting driving. I also intend to do one of the New York City shows at last, probably the one that just happened last month, so next October. I’m undecided on the rest. Any suggestions? Are you a reader who would plan to spend piles of money at my table, if only I appeared at your favourite show? (Do I even have any con-going readers in Chicago?) Let me know! :-)