I’m just going to apologize now to all of you who are feeling just as impatient and frustrated as Scavina. I swear, when I wrote this chapter it didn’t seem like Carl was dragging his feet about answering Scavina’s concerns as much as he appears to be, in the week-to-week. I’ll try to nudge Carl along in the future pages, because he does in fact have a lot to say.

And now for another apology! I am going to have to take a break from the First Friday updates, at least for the summer months, while I try to build up my buffer again. One thing I’ve discovered about my work flow is that having a buffer isn’t just about the added security of having finished pages ready to go, but it’s also about being able to work faster. I can do all the comic tasks (drawing, lettering, inking, toning) more efficiently when I can do them in at least 5-page batches. Thumbnail 5 pages, pencil 5 pages, letter 5 pages, ink 5 pages, etc. The first page in a batch always takes the longest, and after that I get into the groove (or the zone, if you like) and do the other pages more quickly. At the moment I’m only managing at best 3 pages pencilled before I have to start the inks (so I don’t miss the update), which if you do the math means significantly more “slow” pages. I want to build that buffer up again so I can get back into that happy work flow! So to make a long story short I won’t have new page for you this Friday, but I will have art to share. I’ve got some super fan-art that I’ve been meaning to post for a while so you’ll get to see that for sure. Regular Tuesday updates will continue as usual!

Some great book suggestions last week, and thank you to all! This week I’m finally allowing myself to dive into a novel I’ve been anticipating for a while– Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones. She’s been one of my favourite authors for quite some time now, so anything new by her is a treat. But I saw the very sad news several weeks back that she was diagnosed with lung cancer, and although she has already undergone extensive treatment, I fear this may be her last book. I remember how shocked I felt after hearing a couple years back that Terry Pratchett (another favourite author) is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s. This was yet another blow to my literary world. So I’m savouring Enchanted Glass as best I can. And if you’re not a fan already (I would not be at all surprised to learn that many of you are), I urge you to check out Diana Wynne Jones’ many wonderful novels.