All of you still waiting for Carl to answer certain other questions may feel free to vent your frustration by… um… illustrating what you think Carl’s answers ought to be. And sending your clever (and quite possibly hideously sarcastic) drawings to me. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Hope you all in Canada/USA had great holidays in the past week… we spent ours watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’m talking the cartoon, not the movie. Since everyone has been telling me how great this show is, and since my kids got to take in a little live show of Avatar: The Last Puppetbender when we were at the Kids Read Comics convention, I decided it was about time to buy some of it on DVD. Also, if you will pardon my dropping into parent-mode for a minute, I was really excited about finding a cartoon with positive role models that my kids would enjoy. The TV shows my kids regularly aren’t exactly bad, but they lack a sense of adventure and some heroes worth looking up to. Plus a fine story and a sense of humour that isn’t all about the gross-out factor (never that funny to being with). We watched about half a dozen episodes, and took in some fireworks. A great way to spend our Canada Day weekend.