Interplanetary Patrol and Terran Space Administration seem to have slightly different philosophies.

You know, in 1993, when I first started drawing those notepads, it was cool futuristic technology. Times sure have changed. And while I’m on the topic of the gadgets… I was, naturally, a big fan of Babylon 5 when it was on the air. Imagine my surprise when, in the third season of the show, Marcus suddenly pulls out a Minbari Fighting Pike (at about 4:29 on the vid). Hey, isn’t that just like…? Well, the Contact Team’s tools are all about science instead of fighting, which makes them instantly more awesome.

I have a new title to add to the list of reader-recommended books, submitted by long-time fan and custom Lego minifig painter extraordinaire, Norbert Black.  Thanks, Norbert! For easy reference I’m blowing the dust off my blog and putting the list up there. Feel free to mention any good books you’ve been reading recently that you want to tell us about!