Yay! Welcome back to everyone who has been patiently waiting for new Galaxion pages! I hope you enjoyed our summer feature, Real Magic.

Some quick notes: For those who need to catch up on recent story events, I’d suggest to start reading at the beginning of Chapter Four. The time that Zan is talking about– when the Galaxion was in drydock– was touched on waaaay back in Chapter One, wherein Zan demonstrates he’s really rather bad at leaving well enough alone. Particularly when you consider that he’s not even an engineer, professionally speaking.

Also, please join us in wishing Galaxion a Happy 3rd Birthday! It was 4th September 2006 when the Galaxion webcomic launched on Girlamatic. Thank you to all who have come by to read it over the years. Lack of spare time and a crummy internet connection have prevented me from having ready the extra stuff I wanted to post in celebration, but I do have a brand-new and clickable Galaxion Timeline which you can check out. *throws confetti* Hooray!