A quick update for you: we’re still working on fine-tuning our “Store” page for our website, from which you will be able to purchase copies of the new graphic novel. Who knew this would be so hard? Anyway, in the meantime you can purchase one from Amazon (there’s a lovely link to the left, and it should also be available from any of the Amazon sites, whether you’re in the US or Japan or wherever) or if you’d like a signed copy just email us for now and we’ll set you up!

Or… Would you be interested in a copy but you’d rather buy from your favourite local comic shop? If you know of a great comic shop that you think should be carrying Galaxion, send me the contact info! The name of the shop, phone number, and name of the manager/owner would be perfect, but if you can’t get all of that I’ll make do. Bit by bit we can get Galaxion into shops everywhere!

Finally… I know this Friday is “First Friday” and I haven’t done a proper bonus update in months, and it looks like I won’t have one for you this month, either. Sorry! Instead I’ll have a fun little sketch to share, inspired by my first visit to Anime North!