And that’s the end of that flashback. If you don’t know who Jeff is referring to in the third panel, that’s OK– all shall be explained in due course.

I had a great time at Anime North this weekend, though it has to be one of the more exhausting shows I’ve done! Many thanks to Steve Horton, author of Webcomics 2.0, Professional Manga, and also a couple webcomics, for sharing his table with me. My other table neighbour for most of the show was the wonderful Svetlana Chmakova, who really needs no introduction from me, but just in case you’ve never read Dramacon here’s me telling you to go find yourself a copy! Thank you so much to everyone who came by!!

I’ve let this one slide for a few weeks, but I also wanted to share this wonderful drawing of Aria, by Andrew Crisp. I see that Aria’s converted to the Science Labs’ brand of coffee… or is that hot chocolate? Thanks, Andrew!