August 15th is Zandarin Wilder’s birthday! How shall we celebrate? Oh wait– I know! A retrospective!

Poor Zan… he’s another one of those characters who’s gotten short shrift in the new webcomic regime. He has an important role in the story, but so far he’s been in only a small handful of pages! Well, pretty soon he’ll be around a lot more often. In the meantime, you can enjoy this collection of Zan history.

(If you’re new to Galaxion and are wondering where the actual comics are, you can go to the beginning or you can see the latest installment.)

This is the seventh in a series of Galaxion Retrospectives, celebrating 25 years since Wendy and I first began telling the story of these characters, and also 15 years since the Galaxion comic first appeared in print, in the pages of our minicomic Salmagundi. The first six retrospectives were: Fusella, Alex, Darvin, Aria, Scavina, and Galaxion itself.

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