Since I’m also supposed to be commemorating the 15 year anniversary of the first Galaxion minicomic, I felt I ought to grit my teeth and publish something from that. I find this stuff way more embarrasing than the silly doodles from my childhood, I guess because I was trying to be a serious artist competing with the professional comic artists, and not realizing how pathetic I was. To this day I still can’t believe people paid me money for this. $1.50! For this!! Anyway, what we have here is page three from that 14-page story. Clearly I didn’t yet know what an Ames Lettering Guide was. The story was redrawn and improved upon slightly for the full-size comic that appeared in 1997. Technically not the first appearance of Fusella, since she was on the first page of this thing, but this is where she’s really introduced.

Evolution of a character: I’d have to do some research to track down when exactly Fusella went from being Chief Science Officer on Scavina’s ship to Captain of her own ship, but it was probably during that post-high-school time of my life when I writing, but not drawing very much. As near as I can remember, this comic was the first time I put Fusella’s hair in a clip. She always wore it loose before this, but I felt that, particualrly as someone in charge, she really ought to pin it back and out of her way a little.

Whew, we got past that part. Only one more and you’re done!