Happy Birthday, Fusella! And welcome to the first in an occasional series (about once a month, for 2008) of Galaxion Retrospectives, celebrating 25 years worth of living with imaginary people in the back of my head. Um. Wait, how about this one? We’re also celebrating 15 years of Galaxion comics! The very first 14-page Galaxion story, one-half of a minicomic called Salmagundi, came out in 1993.

We thought we’d commemorate this event by taking a look back at each of our main characters over the years, on their respective birthdays. Because we’re nerdy enough to actually have come up with birthdays for all of them. Fusella’s birthday falls on Valentine’s Day, which explains her fixation with hearts (her hair clips, for example, all have little hearts as part of the design).

And there’s more– oh yes, much more. Click the picture or the “next” button to continue!