Hanging Out by the Window

What a great job of capturing the personalities of these characters! Zan looks totally guileless, and Darvin is clearly having none of it. Fusella, of course, is talking. Aria is wondering how she ended up with friends like these. ;-)

And I particularly like the way Zan’s collar got squashed somehow. Untidy hair, untidy clothes, that’s him all right!

Zandarin Compass

 Ooooh, I love this one! It’s so very Zan. According to the artist it was designed to be part of a desktop image. The quote, around the circle of the compass, comes from the previous version of Galaxion. 50 points to anyone who can name the issue and page number it came from!


 So pretty! Those of you who remember the old version of Galaxion might remember the butterflies. The rest of you can consider this a bit of a non-spoilery preview!

Chibi Magnets

 Wouldn’t it be cool to have a set of these on the fridge? Watch out for that flamethrower…