(12/2015– OMG I know this page sooooo needs updating. I project for sometime in the future…)

Comics I Am Currently Reading

The Best Band in the Universe: by Louisa Dahmani & Katerina Borovikov
The Broken Mirror: by Elanor Cooper and JJ Nääs
Buck Godot – Zap Gun for Hire: by Phil Foglio
By Moon Alone: by Honoel A. Ibardolaza
Cold Iron Badge: by Stephen Geigen-Miller and Patrick Heinicke
Crimson Dark: by David C. Simon
Crowfeathers: by Amy Watson
The Crown Prince: by J. G. Brin
Compass: by Traci Spencer
DAR: A Super Girl Top Secret Comic Diary: by Erika Moen (sometimes NSFW)
Dicebox: by Jenn Manley Lee (sometimes NSFW)
Directions of Destiny: by Hans Tseng
Dressed for Success: by Chris Howard and Jeff Wasson
Family Man: by Dylan Meconis
The Far Reaches: by Gerhard Bahnsen
Finder: by Carla “Speed” McNeil
Girl Genius: by Phil & Kaja Foglio
Gunnerkrigg Court: by Tom Siddell
Hereville: by Barry Deutsch
Juathuur Gatecrash: by Kate Sweet
Kaspall: by Lucy Lyall
Lackadaisy: by Tracy J. Butler
Lawn Darts: by Justin Bingham and Amy Watson
Lords of Death and Life: by Jonathon Dalton
Narbonic (Director’s Cut): by Shaenon K. Garrity
Outsider: by Jim Francis
Paradigm Shift: by Dirk I. Tiede
The Phoenix Requiem: by Sarah Ellerton
Pigtails & Potbellies: by Mike White
Platinum Grit: by Trudy Cooper, Danny Murphy (sometimes NSFW)
Red String: by Gina Biggs
Skin Horse: by Shaenon K. Garrity and Jeffrey Channing Wells
Stardrop: by Mark Oakley
What Birds Know: by Emelie Friberg & Mattias Thorelli
What’s New? with Phil and Dixie: by Phil Foglio
Xeno’s Arrow: by Greg Beettam and Stephen Geigen-Miller
Xylia: by B. L. Jacobs