Shojo Fusella

This lovely rendition of Fusella was made by Bruce Lewis, who is (among other things) the author of Draw Manga: How to Draw Manga In Your Own Unique Style. I have loved the shojo style since long before I ever learned there was a name for it, and seeing this mock-up of Galaxion in the classic shojo manga book format puts a big silly grin on my face. I adore this piece! In case your Japanese is as non-existent as mine, here’s what Bruce wrote to me:

The copy at the top is supposed to read “Space Exploration Romantic Adventure GALAXION” (Uchū tansa romansu no bōken Garakushion). “Galaxion” is the part that’s printed in red in the image.

And that’s my name at the bottom, which transliterates to “TAARA TARAN”. Hee hee! There’s that silly grin again.

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