Note to early readers: we’ve got it all fixed now. Well, mostly. Apologies for any confusion. We’re still a bit shaky when it comes to posting multiple-page updates!

(New to Galaxion? Welcome! Although this bit here is a “Story So Far”, it’s really aimed at readers who are already familiar with the story– so you might actually have better luck with the synopsis on the New Reader page. Or you can be brave and jump right in at the beginning!)

I should note that I drew these pages before I came up with the idea of the holiday strips. So if we ignore those, then we haven’t seen Fusella since… well, she had that brief appearance at Halloween… but other than that, since the middle of September. And with those two short stories in the way (Flip Book and then Pathfinder), we haven’t returned to current events on the Galaxion since June. Hence why in this sequence she’s feeling a little neglected. (cue the thin mournful sounds of world’s tiniest violin)